Clampitt Gaddis and Buck

Multiball Compilation

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Multiball #22 Magazine with CD

  1. Clampitt, Gaddis and Buck "LaGuardia's Hammer"
  2. Everyday Sinners "Appetite for Pinball"
  3. Radio Reelers "Silver Ball"
  4. The Willowz "Vagabondage"
  5. The Minds "Pinball Junkie"
  6. Enon "Tilt You Up"
  7. VivaL'AmericanDeathRayMusic "Hi Score Queenie"
  8. Country Teasers "Pinball Machine"
  9. Dutch Masters "8 Ball Deluxe"
  10. The Goddamn Gentlemen "No Quarters"
  11. Cocks in the Henhouse "Jockey"
  12. The Means "Ascent of the Multi-Ball"
  13. The Golden Boys "Plunger of Love"

The fine folks at Multiball Magazine asked CG&B to contribute a song for their compilation, Hot Pinball Rocks Vol. 2, which was part of their 10 year anniversary issue of Mulitball. Being a pinball fanzine, they asked that the song be about pinball. So, CG&B hit the history books and wrote a song in honor of NYC mayor LaGuardia banning pinball as a form of gambling in the 1940s.

Recorded by Rob Jones and Sean Burke at Oneonta Studios in early 2004. Released Fall of 2004 by Multiball/Extraball.

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