Clampitt Gaddis and Buck

These Are Not The Sounds Of Chicago!!!!

These Are Not The Sounds of Chicago
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These Are Not The Sounds Of Chicago! CD

  1. Engine Number 3 by CG&B
  2. High Lonesome Sound by CG&B
  3. Hard For To Love by CG&B
  4. Wayfaring Stranger by The Pine Hill Haints
  5. Queen Of Bell Withc Opry by The Pine Hill Haints
  6. Reindeer Are Wild by The Pine Hill Haints
  7. Ours Is The Darkness by Stereofan
  8. Angry Man by Stereofan
  9. Coulee City by Super XX Man
  10. Usual Way by Super XX Man
  11. Grace (Glorified) by Super XX Man
  12. The Incorruptible Antonion by Cuspidor
  13. Vally Fever by Cuspidor

To celebrate the 4th Anniversary for Lelp Recordings, we have made our first compilation CD... "These Are Not The Sounds of Chicago!" It features songs from most of Lelp's releases (LELP1976-LELP1987), plus previously unreleased tracks by Stereofan, The Pine Hill Haints, and Clampitt, Gaddis & Buck. CG&B add in a home studio recording and exclusive track. The Haints included a live recording of a Thee Headcoats song that was recorded by Rob Jones in Portland, OR. And Stereofan added a new song that they recorded at Looking Glass Studios in NYC.

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