Clampitt Gaddis and Buck

Cascade Serenade

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Cascade Serenade!

  1. Engine Number 3
  2. A Beautiful Life
  3. My Love, He Tries
  4. Wayward Brother
  5. Rosa Lee McFall
  6. Beside The River
  7. Hazel's Hoedown
  8. Get On Your Knees And Pray
  9. Waitin' On Jesus
  10. Never Did Find You
  11. Soda Pop Blues
  12. The Highway Man
  13. Wake Up Mama
  14. Cascade Highway Ramble

With their second full-length release "Cascade Serenade!", Portland, Oregon's acoustic five-piece Clampitt, Gaddis & Buck display their growth - and not just in terms of members... but keeping true to their Country / American Roots sound that so many fans & critics love.

Recorded by Adam Selzer at Portland's Type Foundry Studio in February 2005, Cascade Serenade! is a heady blend of old-time country, bluegrass, gospel, and American folk. The album features 11 original and three cover songs that showcase the sincere and stirring vocal harmonies and well-structured instrumental interplay the band has become known for.

The album was mastered by Eric Broyhill at Monsterlab Audio in Sacramento, CA in March of 2005, and released in July of 2005 on Lelp Recordings. Cascade Serenade! also includes several guest musicians including Amy Sabin and Jennifer Stefanick. The album art includes an illustration by band member Matthew Stark.

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