Clampitt Gaddis and Buck

Split with The Pine Hill Haints

Buy the CD: $12.97 The Pine Hill Haints Meet Clampitt, Gaddis & Buck

The Pine Hill Haints Meet Clampitt, Gaddis, & Buck

    Clampitt, Gaddis, & Buck

  1. Your Wicked Heart Has Done Me Wrong
  2. The Darkest Hour (Is Just Before Dawn)
  3. Squirrel Hill Special

    The Pine Hill Haints

  4. Homeward Track
  5. Catfish Angels
  6. Queen of Bell Witch Opry

The idea for this unique split CDEP was borne of a years-long friendship between the bands, and a desire to collaborate. This CDEP contains 6 songs, 3 by each band. One song by each band is a cover of a song by the other band. CG&B chose to record "Your Wicked Heart Has Done Me Wrong", from the Haints release, The Cold Cold Hand. The Haints chose the to record, "Homeward Track" from CG&B's first album, Nine Tracks.

The CG&B tracks were recorded by Rob Jones and Sean Burke at Oneonta Studios in late January/early February 2005. Mastered by Eric Broyhill at Monsterlab Audio in Sacramento, CA in Feb. 2005. Released May of 2005 on Lelp Recordings.

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